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IBM Collaboration Solutions - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner
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IBM Collaboration Solutions - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner


IBM Collaboration Solutions

Get the best results by collaborating

IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) is exactly that. The suite of products provide organisations with tools to facilitate and encourage collaboration within the workplace and with external stakeholders.


Since inception in 1996, ISW have built our experience and knowledge around IBM's collaboration products to become a leading Partner in ICS consultation, development, implementation and training.



IBM Connections

Social software for business. Its function is to empower innovation and speed up work processes by using dynamic networks of co-workers, partners and customers.


Lotus Notes & Domino

E-mail with features that pack a punch. Lotus Notes is the e-mail client for a Lotus Domino Server.


Lotus Protector

More security for your mail in Lotus Notes and across the Internet.


IBM Forms

Automated electronic forms for more efficient, accurate and cost-effective operations.


IBM Sametime

Unified communications and collaboration including instant messaging, online meetings and telephony.


IBM Web Content Manager

Easier web content creation allowing content experts behind the wheel to create dynamic targeted pages without IT involvement.


Lotus Quickr 

Team collaboration. Work faster and do a better job with access to the people and information you need.