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Crossware Mail Signature

Make the most of every email with Crossware.

Email branding and compliance made easy!


  • Control the way your brand appears on all emails on any device
  • Centrally manage your company’s email signatures
  • Create targeted advertising banners
  • Include a legal disclaimer on every email



What if you were to review all outgoing emails from your company...Take a look at the signature many variations do you see? Logos, fonts, promotional messages. Are they tailored to individuals when they should present your organisation as a unified brand? 


Crossware mail signature lets you centrally manage all signature blocks so you can maximise branding effectiveness, include promotional messages and comply with any legislation on every email leaving your company. - across every device your employees may use!


Runs on these devices: iPhone, Android, Blackberry and any Traveler compatible device

Runs on these platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, zLinux, IBM i, Solaris, AIX



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