Partner Products

More options for your project

ISW is always on the look out for great products that can enhance our clients technology investments. That is why we partner with like minded businesses across the world who are producing market leading, innovative products.


Buzzy Partner


Intelligent instant apps for IBM Connections and Watson Workspace. 

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Elguji IdeaJam Partner

IdeaJam by Elguji

Crowd source ideas from within your organisation, or open the platform to external idea jammers. 

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Crossware Mail Signature Partner

Crossware Mail Signature

Manage branding and promotions on your Lotus Notes mail signature across your entire organisation. 

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OnTime by Intravision Partner

OnTime Group Calendar by Intravision

Get a real-time overview of the people in your IBM Connections network. Learn more...



ProjExec by Trilog Group Partner

ProjExec by Trilog Group

Improve your project management through integration with IBM Connections. Learn more...